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Rosenthal Law Firm has been representing the interests of nursing homes for more than a decade. Attorney Rosenthal is very aware of the pressures nursing homes are facing and has seen a multitude of ways in which nursing homes don’t get paid for the services they provide and have to write off valid charges.

Representing nursing homes presents unique challenges as many of the cases relate to the Medicaid program. Medicaid is a highly complex program. Attorney Rosenthal doesn’t represent nursing home residents in applying for Medicaid benefits nor does he represent individuals in creating trusts to shelter assets.

We have seen many unscrupulous family members who transfer assets in a feeble attempt to hide them from Department of Social Services caseworkers or the nursing home itself. We have seen family members that think a resident’s monthly Social Security or pension check is free money for them. And we have also seen cases where responsible parties are unwilling or unable to complete Medicaid applications for residents that are financially eligible for Medicaid benefits.

In an age when nursing home costs are increasing, government reimbursement rates stagnating, nursing homes cannot afford to be passive and rely on the goodwill of residents or family members to pay them. Nursing homes need to be active in obtaining payment for the services they provide.

Recognizing that many issues concerning nursing homes and their residents involve probate court, Attorney Rosenthal is an active practitioner in the Connecticut probate courts. Many issues can be addressed successfully in the probate courts in a fashion that is less expensive and quicker than Superior Court.

Attorney Rosenthal has represented many nursing homes in the Superior Court in many different types of actions, as well as the Probate Courts of Connecticut. Additionally, Attorney Rosenthal has represented nursing homes before Connecticut state agencies in administrative hearings.

Rosenthal Law Firm represents nursing homes throughout the state, from Fairfield county to Windham county, New London to Hartford.

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