There is a lot to love about riding motorcycles as pastime. Particularly here in the state of Connecticut, thousands of drivers come to visit us to enjoy our scenic roadways. However, it is important that if you are a motorcycle rider, you do everything possible to avoid ending up in an accident, as if you do end up in one it is likely to be severe. According to Motorcycle Cruiser, while you may know how to emergency brake, it is important to have other strategies for staying out of trouble on the roads.

First of all, while scenic back roads are always a lot of fun to ride on, they tend to be more dangerous. Did you know that you are statistically less likely to get into a motorcycle accident on the highway? This is because there is no traffic coming in the opposite direction. So, if you are simply looking to get to point B from point A, it is best to take the highway.

It is also important to ensure that other drivers can see you. While many motorcyclists enjoy wearing black, the motorcyclist who is wearing electric orange is making a smarter move. Since motorcycles have a much smaller profile as compared to four-wheeled vehicles, many drivers will not see you on the road. Wearing bright colors will help you stick out more.

Finally, while you knew this already, avoiding alcohol before driving your motorcycle is extremely important. You are roughly 40 times more likely to end up in an accident on your motorcycle after consuming any amount of alcohol. Thus, it is important to stay away from the bar while riding in the saddle.