Connecticut dog bites can lead to serious medical problems. In many cases, a familiar dog will initiate the attack. A dog attack may seem to come out of the blue. It is crucial to identify the signs beforehand to help prevent a bite from taking place. When the dog prepares to attack, there are some tips that can help you avoid a worse situation.

According to People, prevention is the best way to avoid a dog bite. Do not touch dogs without permission and be careful around nervous animals. Dogs who are nervous look stiff. They have jerky movements. A relaxed and happy dog will be loose as it moves. Tied dogs are more and so if you see a dog tied alone, do not approach.

If a dog does attack, you do not want to panic. This might be the first instinct, but it can have serious consequences. Try to protect yourself. If you have a bag or backpack, utilize it against the animal. If you can climb to a higher place, this may also help. Never turn your back on the dog or make direct eye contact. This can make matters worse and the dog may not back off.

If you witness your dog attacking another person, on the other hand, there are some steps you can take. Do not scream or yell at the dog. It may be a hard situation, but do your best to stay calm. You can grab the back legs of a dog and pick it up or spray the dog with water.

None of the above is considered legal advice. It is for informational purposes only.