Connecticut has some very pedestrian-friendly areas, and as such, staying safe in these areas is of critical concern. Walking about in New Hartford should not result in a trip to the hospital.

State laws regarding pedestrian safety exist to keep drivers from unintentionally striking someone crossing a street. At Rosenthal Law Firm, L.L.C., our primary concern is keeping you safe. Understanding basic pedestrian safety can keep you out of harm’s way.

Crossing the street

A vehicle must yield or stop if someone is actively crossing the road. However, the law goes a step further and states that any pedestrian stepping into or directly adjacent to a crosswalk has the right of way. Vehicles must stop to allow the person to cross in front. If one car stops to let someone cross the street, another cannot pass it or attempt to go around.

A crosswalk does not need paint to count

State law indicates that a crosswalk exists at each intersection, whether there is paint on the road or not. As such, a pedestrian crossing at every intersection requires vehicles to yield or wait.

Pedestrians have rules, too

Drivers are not the only ones to have rules to follow. Pedestrians must follow the law when it comes to crossing the street. If crossing at a traffic light, a walker must wait until the walk light illuminates before stepping into the intersection. Sometimes the light may not cycle, but this does not mean a pedestrian should go.

Staying safe on the roads, whether a driver or pedestrian is a priority for all. For more insight on this and other related topics, visit us here.