A car accident is a disorienting experience in multiple ways. Not only is the initial stress of the crash stressful, but so is dealing with injuries, medical bills and lost time from work. The aftermath of your auto collision can be intimidating and confusing.

But what you do after you get into a wreck can seriously impact whether you properly recover from your injuries and receive monetary compensation for your expenses. Use the suggestions below to manage the aftermath of an accident.

Call the police

Contacting law enforcement is a good idea no matter the details of the accident. The police should arrive whether it is a minor fender bender and everyone is cooperative or it is chaotic with severe injuries. This will ensure the creation of an accident report that you can use to your advantage during an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Create documentation

Take pictures of the scene with your smartphone. Write down the sequence of events. Gather names and contact information from any witnesses. The rest of the process will be much smoother if you have substantial evidence of the crash.

Get medical attention

Seeking medical help is important for two main reasons. The first one, of course, is to receive sufficient treatment for any injuries. Even if you do not believe you have serious injuries, you may have underlying complications or injuries that are not immediately present. A doctor will give you a thorough examination and diagnosis so you can recover. Secondly, seeking medical attention is a vital component of an insurance claim or lawsuit. The sooner you seek help, the more credible your pursuit of compensation will be.

Do not settle for less than you deserve

If you decide to file an insurance claim or even initiate a personal injury lawsuit, you should not accept early, low-ball settlement offers. Do not back down in your fight for the compensation you need.