There are few things as tragic as getting the news of a loved ones’ death, even if it was by natural means. Finding out that your loved one died as a result of somebody else’s negligence compounds the issue. Thankfully, in Connecticut, there is a very comprehensive Wrongful Death Statute. If you believe that your loved one died wrongfully, it is important to understand the legal steps you can take.

If you are wondering if you are in a position to file a wrongful death statute, in Connecticut you are entitled to file if your loved one would have been able to press a personal injury suit if he/she had survived. The suit must be filed by the executor of the deceased person’s estate. In the event that the deceased has no executor for a will or the deceased had no will to begin with, the state will appoint an executor. This is the person with the legal ability to press a wrongful death suit.

The executor will need to press a wrongful death suit before the second anniversary of the deceased’s passing, assuming that the executor was aware of the negligence at the time of death. In the event that negligence was only discovered later, a wrongful death suit may be pressed at this time. But generally, it is in the executor’s best interest to press a wrongful death suit as early as possible.

Dealing with a wrongful death is tragic and traumatic, but Connecticut has made ample legal provisions for legal action. This post is intended to inform you about Connecticut’s wrongful death statute, but should not be taken as legal advice.