Snow and ice in the winter make slip-and-falls one of the most common accidents to watch out for in Connecticut. However, even during the warmer months, chemical spills and wet, slippery surfaces can cause a person to slip, fall and hurt themselves.

According to FindLaw, shopping juries — which includes slip-and-fall accidents — cause thousands of annual personal injury claims. Shoppers are not the only victims of these accidents either. Workers and passersby may also become injured. Add the mayhem of Christmas shopping, or worse, Black Friday, and the rate of injuries climbs even higher.

According to ABC12 News, these accidents can cause more serious health risks, such as fractures or concussions. These two conditions are so commonly associated with slip-and-fall accidents that doctors now recommend that people seek medical care after a fall, even if they believe they are not hurt. For people over the age of 65, this is even more important.

Other common injuries associated with slip-and-fall accidents include headaches, loss of consciousness and pain in the joints. Because of the potential severity of all the injuries mentioned, doctors recommend a same-day appointment. Waiting may only cause the symptoms to grow worse, when early treatment could have prevented this.

Some employers are optimistic about the possibility of a zero-accident workplace. However, human error and current statistics say otherwise. Even so, people should strive for an accident-free environment by following safety regulations and calling attention to any potential safety hazards they see. While this may not eliminate accidents, it certainly helps to reduce them over time.